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This is where most people will find Air Weaver, handing out custom balloon creations! We've made balloons for thousands of kids (and adults) at all kinds of events. The inclusion of Air Weaver is a guarantee of a memorable event. Our line starts filling up the minute we begin, and we stay busy until it's time to go. Block parties, company picnics, grand opening events, public outreach, festivals/fairs/carnivals! Many Air Weaver clients are annual community events where we have been back year after year. Our clients hire us repeatedly because not only do we add something unique that your guests can take home with them, but we offer the most fun line to stand in as well! Air Weaver artists engage with the crowd as the art is being made. We move quickly and efficiently to make lots of balloons, but we're not just factories, we are first and foremost entertainers! You will never regret an investment in Air Weaver to add something truly special to your event.

Find details on scheduling an Air Weaver artist for your next event.

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