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Pricing Guide below, but please contact us directly to confirm availability and to answer all questions. We want to make the most of your investment with us, and have experience with best practices for all kinds of event scenarios. 


Telephone: 570-765-4535 


Please email directly - I removed the contact form as my ISP unfortunately filters out all Wix emails


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Line Twisting Services

(corporate or community events, by the hour) 

We have experience with all sizes of events and can help determine what is the best fit for you. Please contact Andy directly to assess your needs and our availability. Some events are fine with one artist, some really need two to serve your crowd well. Sometimes two hours is just right, but with big public events, 3-4 is best. We won't oversell you, we want you to be happy with your investment and become a repeat customer. Many non-profit events find a sponsor for balloon art, and we are happy to promote their generosity as part of our setup.

  • 2 hours 1 artist - $250   2 hours 2 artists - $450

  • 3 hours 1 artist - $375   3 hours 2 artists - $700

  • 4 hours 1 artist - $500   4 hours 2 artists - $900

Longer events are custom designed, call for day rates and scheduling. 

The Mousetrap Science Show Approx 50-60 minutes

If you have a larger school, I have found that it is necessary to split into manageable groups. Your gym may fit 1000, but the high energy nature of the show does hit a limit. Even with professional sound equipment, it is matter of crowd control and maintaining the rhythm of the show. 

Schools up to 225 students: single assembly session $475

Schools with 225-500 students: two assembly sessions $725

Schools with 500+ students: three assembly sessions $875 

The Air Weaver Super Terrific Happy Funtime Balloon Show of Pure and Complete Awesomeness! Approx 45-50 minutes

Pricing/scheduling is same as the Mousetrap show.

No specific educational focus, a good choice for a reward assembly, a summer program, or just any occasion that calls for pure fun! 

More silliness and chaos than the mousetrap show, this event gets the kids really wound up, so there is also a limit to crowd size. This show has been done for schools, day camps, libraries, YMCA programs. It's all ages and versatile, like a magic show with balloons. 

Combo Package: Big Balloon Show Plus Hourly Line Twisting 

If you would like a show, and the opportunity for every attendee to get a balloon, call to create a custom package for your event. With very large groups this may be difficult to do, but if you have the time and budget we can make it all happen! 

A popular add-on option to a show is a brief post-show session where everyone twists their own balloon dog. This is priced much less than line twisting, covering just materials and prep time for your size crowd. 

Contact us directly to get a quote for combo pricing. 

Private Parties 

You can book either Air Weaver or Olivia the Balloon Girl for birthday parties for up to 20 kids at $250, contingent on scheduling and location. Includes one extra special big balloon made ahead for birthday child in their favorite theme.

Wedding receptions are booked using the same hourly structure from the line twisting menu above. Receptions and other private events usually mean fewer guests per hour, so the balloons are more complicated and fancy. We can style balloons that work in semi-formal settings and bring more elegance than silliness.

Decor Services 

All services are custom priced. There is a $250 minimum which includes delivery and setup within a reasonable distance. Photo frames start at $250.  Traditional and organic designs are available. Literally anything can be recreated in balloon form. Some services will need onsite access for construction/assembly. Contact me for a no obligation consult and quote.


Just want a bouquet of flowers or a giant teddy bear? Maybe a custom figure of a favorite video game character or princess? Contact Andy directly with an idea, a timeline and your location to get a quote. I've made all of the above and so much more!

The Fine Print 

For private party/decor clients, a 50% deposit secures your booking in the calendar.

Non-profits and corporate clients usually pay by check.

I do accept credit cards via secure Paypal invoicing.


Appropriate travel fee may added outside a 40-mile radius of zip code 17801


Current PA background checks are on file, copies can be provided to satisfy school policies.


Insurance certificates available upon request.

We don't do “vendor” events or rent space. Our experience has been that balloon art works best when it is an amenity provided by the host of the event, as opposed to something sold directly. Especially at carnivals, parents are often pulled thin financially with demands for their dollars in every direction. When the kids can get a “free” balloon, it really adds value and desirability to your event. Judging by our lines, it is definitely appreciated by attendees.


It does sometimes happen that my second artist is not available to join me for large events, and I need to hire an outside professional to join me for large events. In those rare cases, the two artist rate is simply twice the one artist rate. 

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